Premier puppy & pet dog training courses Skipton, North Yorkshire Contact: 01756 791110 or 07761 404394
Premier puppy & pet dog training coursesSkipton, North YorkshireContact: 01756 791110  or  07761 404394

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Andrew and Emma sell a wide range of dog foods and if they don't stock it, they'll certainly do their best to get it for you. With home delivery also available, go for the personal touch and visit either the Skipton or Silsden shop to discuss your pet's needs.

The APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), UK is a voluntary organisation established to improve the welfare of dogs and the competence of dog owners through the promotion of training skills and techniques based on up to date, researched methods that apply the principles of kindness, fairness and effectiveness and are in keeping with modern learning theory.

Professional behaviourist help for your dog

Official site for Behavior Adjustment Training: humane training for aggression, fear, and frustration in dogs and other animals

A comprehensive source of information for positive dog training

A local branch of the RSPCA re-homing cats and dogs within the local area

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