Premier puppy & pet dog training courses Skipton, North Yorkshire Contact: 01756 791110 or 07761 404394
Premier puppy & pet dog training coursesSkipton, North YorkshireContact: 01756 791110  or  07761 404394

Group classes are not for everyone..

Some dogs, or their owners, can find the whole class environment unsettling and then a class is not the right place to be.  You may not be able to commit to a regular slot each week or you feel a private one to one session would help get you started before you sign up for a class.

Equally, your dog may have a behaviour issue such as barking/lunging at other dogs, excessive barking in the house, inappropriate toileting, anxiety and nervousness.....the list is endless. 

For all these reasons, and many more, I offer private 1:1 sessions.  Please see below for further details.

One to one training..

During private lessons, we work on any training problems you're having.  Common problems include walking nicely on the lead, coming back when called, greeting people and other dogs politely etc.


We all want our dogs to be part of the family, to be able to take them anywhere and them be well behaved and fun to be with.  You can have that dog!!  Just takes an email or phone call to me and then a commitment to train from you.


I will visit you at home, take a brief history about your dog's training and then we'll discuss a training plan.  This will include exercise, mental stimulation, management during training and then.....the practical training. 

Problem behaviours..

Sometimes our dogs display behaviours we find unacceptable which may leave you feeling stressed or embarrassed but, more importantly perhaps, leave your dog stressed and unhappy.  These behaviour problems can include reactivity around other dogs, anxiety with people, chewing and toileting in the house when left alone, growling if someone approaches his toy or food...the list goes on.


I will visit you in your home and take a full history of your dog to-date.  The first visit will take around 2 - 2.5 hours and I will then recommend a course of action to begin to modify your dog’s behaviour and show you how to carry out initial exercises. Following our first meeting, a report will be available and there will be ongoing email and telephone support between visits. There may be occasions where your pet will need a veterinary examination to rule out a physical condition for their behaviour.

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